agelast (n)

agelast (noun): a person who never laughs (especially at jokes); a mirthless person

"Add to these a gift of irony—that confounder of the literalists and Agelasts—perfect self-possession and an imperturbable sang-froid, impenetrability of expression and purpose and the equipment of the Dandy seems to be complete." — Temple Bar (London, Eng.), Apr. 1890

To agelasts, "a day with laughter is a day wasted."

Origin: The humorless agelast comes from the Greek word agélastos (“not laughing, grave, gloomy"), and not, as one might suppose, from the fact that spending any time around such a person feels like it lasts an age. Agélastos in turn comes gelân (“to laugh”), the same word that gives us gelastic ("arousing or provoking laughter").
First known usage: 1877


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