Paper Editing

The Art of Paper Editing for an AP English Class

Have you ever watched as a professional, expert editor works his or her way through a paper or article? It is an amazing thing to see before your eyes. There is just so much going on in his or her head as they read what is in front of them, comprehend the words, and then make edits as they are going. There is an art to paper editing and being good at it as you head into an Advanced Placement English class is a must.


The art of paper editing is all about paying attention to detail at every turn. You need to be honing in on things such as grammar and spelling. Punctuation is a big one as well. While you are doing this, though, think about the reader. Can that reader understand the message in the paper? Can they comprehend it and is it all succinct enough? These are things a professional editor will think about. A quality English tutor can help with paper editing to make sure you are ready before submitting to your next AP English class assignment.