Copy Editor

What Makes a Copy Editor Great?

What is it that sets a copy editor apart from someone else in the same field? When you break down copy editing, it is all about the process of reviewing and correcting an essay, a blog, a paper, or something else. The goal of a copy editor is to try and improve the accuracy of the piece. It is about taking the piece and helping it in the readability department. You need to make it work, make it drive home its purpose in a concise way.


The thing that makes a copy editor great is when they can take a paper that has no problems with it, and still make it better. There is always room for improvement with everything that gets written. You may think you have the perfect essay until you have an expert copy editor take a look and they find a few new things that can take it to the next level. Using a copy editor can help with a college essay application, an AP English paper, and anything else.